Invitation to MUNA+ General Member Assembly –
Business year 2022/2023

Dear MUNA+ members,

Hereby, we officially invite you to the MUNA+ General Member Assembly of the Business Year 2022/2023. The Assembly will take place on

July 31st at 7pm CEST

Please note that the General Member Assembly will take place virtually due to ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. It is thus not necessary to give notice to the Board in case of participation via video conference (see §7 para. 2 MUNA+ Statues).

The Board proposes the following agenda:

1)     Opening of the meeting and announcement of the agenda
2)     Report on the precedential business year by the Board
3)     Outlook on the upcoming business year by the Board
4)     Financial Audit Report by the Financial Auditor
5)     Exoneration/discharge of the Board
6)     Others

If you wish to add points to the agenda, please send a request to until July 24th latest (§7 para. 4 MUNA+ Statues). Points raised during the assembly need an absolute majority (urgency request). The agenda points are additionally made public on the MUNA+ website according to §7 para.3 of the MUNA+ Statutes.


MUNA+ Board of Management
Vanessa Seipp, Johanna Echterhoff, Katharina Hausfelder, Tobias Ergenzinger, Matteo Bertani

MUNA+ Yearbook 2021

We are very excited to share our MUNA+ Yearbook 2021 with you!

It provides an overview of all the association’s highlights, challenges and achievements in 2021 and sums up very well what MUNA+ stands for. Readers get the chance to get to know our diverse team that works behind the scenes and shapes the association through great ideas, hard work, dedication, commitment and the determination to make sure we actually get closer to our vision.

We invite you to take a look at what our community of change makers has experienced and accomplished together over the past year – collaborating either in person or virtually, but always united by a common goal: #togehterforasustainablefuture

è You can download the yearbook for free by clicking here: MUNA+ Yearbook 2021

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