MUNA+ Code of Conduct

We are a network that builds bridges between its members and enables the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas about global economic, environmental and social issues through diverse channels, events and projects. We are using this knowledge to raise awareness and leverage respectful, integer and inclusive behavior in the world.

Our vision and mission are displayed in the following:


MUNA+ strives to unify the world by working collaboratively on a sustainable future in every dimension. 


MUNA+ raises awareness for global economic, environmental and social issues and provides approaches to how everyone can contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

All members are obliged to follow the MUNA+ code of conduct. It is also the only prerequisite for entering the association.

Conduct within the Association


We commit to support and promote the vision and mission of MUNA+.

+   Overall behavior: We behave collaboratively by sharing experiences, knowledge, etc.; we are focused on personal as well as collective growth; we are aspirational and ambitious as one team; we want to be inspirational and committed to our word; we are open-minded towards external input and always approach ideas from a global perspective; we empower others with and within our association through education, knowledge and others; we behave inclusively, respectful and tolerant and strive for diversity within our association; we practice long-term thinking and actively work on making choices as sustainable as possible.

+   Positioning: We have a neutral position regarding any type of content we create and share and (if applicable) only contribute well-researched data and information, which should be of global importance and validity.

+   Protection of intellectual property: In addition, we adhere to internationally valid citation and do not declare somebody else’s publications as our own. This also includes the intellectual property of others.

+   Adherence to human rights: We adhere to the declaration of human rights: we have zero tolerance for discrimination “of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”.  [1]

+   Data Privacy: We protect the personal data of our members and act in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Rights). The personal data provided to us during the onboarding and the membership will not be used for any other reason than communicating issues related to your membership, sharing MUNA+ related content, send out invitations for events and payment terms. The data will not be forwarded to a third-party and will be erased within three months after a withdrawal. Everyone can request an overview of collected data at any time. No one will be mentioned in posts or appear on photos, without their permission.  [2]

+   Dress code: We dress in business casual when participating at events hosted by or supported by MUNA+ and when representing the association towards external stakeholders.

+   Prohibition of commercial purposes: It is expressly forbidden to all members to use the association for commercial purposes of any kind. This includes, among other things, the solicitation and enticement for multi-level marketing systems, structured sales networks, direct sales, network marketing and similar forms of business. A violation will be punished with immediate exclusion from the club.

[1] Declaration of Human Rights:
 More information about your rights can be found in the privacy statement of MUNA+.