MUNA+ Contribution Order

Model United Nations Alumni + (MUNA+) e.V. adopted the following contribution order on 28 December 2019:

1. All members pay a membership fee. The membership fee is charged every six months. Honorary members and members of the advisory board are exempt from the obligation to pay membership fees.

2. The contribution is collected on the first working day in May and November. The member grants the association a SEPA direct debit mandate for this purpose. The first contribution is due upon joining the association. No admission fee is charged.

3. The half-yearly contribution can be freely chosen from any of the amounts mentioned in the following:

     a) 0,00 €
     b) 5,00 €
     c) 15,00 €
     d) 25,00 €
     e) 50,00 €
     f) 75, 00 €

4. In case of delay of payment of the membership fee as well as other apportionments and/or payments in kind, § 4 paragraph 7a of the statutes (dunning procedure) applies.

5. These contribution rules can be changed by the executive committee by resolution. The board of directors must disclose any resolutions to change these contribution rules at the next general meeting.

Frankfurt, 28 December 2019
MUNA+ e.V.