Promote change, initiate change, BE the change

Welcome to the Projects Pillar of MUNA+!
Have you ever thought about something you really wanted to change or to be acknowledged by more people than it is? Have you ever had a great idea how to solve a problem of your own? If yes – that’s great! No? No problem either.

Ideas are always the first and very important step towards an improvement BUT what can people do with the right material but without having the tools to build something from it? Definitely less than with the knowledge, motivation and support to bring an idea to life.

And this is where we at MUNA+ step into the game. The Projects Pillar works like a bridge between the present and the future. We offer various projects in relation to the SDGs where you can join and support with your (wo)manpower and change maker spirit, connect with like-minded people and maybe even find inspiration for your own ideas. Not exactly like a magic machine but maybe one could think that in a retrospective once we start acting.

What we also do is to give you useful support regarding the realization of your own sustainable idea. No matter if you need help to structure the project, guidelines on how to steer a project best or a strong project team for operational and mental support. We got you!


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