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You would like to become a member? – Then you are perfectly right here on the Network page of MUNA+!

All you need to do to become part of our MUNA+ network is to fill in and submit the “Become a Member” form below. We would like to take the chance to emphasize once again that each and everyone is welcome at MUNA+. We are convinced that individuality and authenticity is what allows everyone within this association to grow personally and as part of our society.

è Read more in our MUNA+ code of conduct!

As we do have to cover different recurring and non-recurring expenses, e.g. license costs and potential speaker fees, while ensuring the financing of the sustainability projects conducted within the MUNA+ Project pillar we hope you understand that we rely on the support of our members. Needless to say, that we in change promise to deliver against our MUNA+ value proposition while ensuring a maximum of transparency in regards to how financial means are used. With all of this being said, we still believe it is important to leave the choice of how much you are willing to pay for your MUNA+ membership up to you. Therefore, we offer a flexible payment scheme: When you become a member you yourself will freely choose the amount of your member fee to be paid on a half-yearly basis.
Our contribution options are the following: 0,00 €; 5,00 €; 15,00 €; 25,00 €; 50,00€ and 75,00€.

è All details can also again be checked in the MUNA+ contribution order.

The MUNA+ statutes contain additional general information about the association (composition of the different bodies, specifications about the entry and withdrawal procedures, etc.) while the MUNA+ privacy statement formalizes how we ensure that your personal data is treated confidentially and with extraordinary diligence at any time.

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