MUNA+ Management Board

Get to know the decision makers and founders of MUNA+.

Who we are

MUNA+ is run by a voluntary Management Board, whose members are elected every two years by the general member assembly. The main task of the board is to ensure that all activities of the association comply with laws and regulations and that MUNA+ operates in a financially stable manner. In addition, the Board sets medium and long-term strategies and promotes and manages key projects. We are particularly pleased that two of the founders are still part of the board. Thus, the MUNA+ DNA is still strongly present in the daily decisions.

Our values

Our values are what shape daily decisions at MUNA+.

  • Collaboration

    We believe that we are better togehter. That’s why we want to work together and share experiences, knowledge and skills. We are open to all kinds of feedback and input, and every idea expressed is given equal consideration.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability in all dimensions – economic, environmental and social – is at the heart of the MUNA+ identity. It is what we want to achieve externally in the world, but also internally. We pay attention to physical and mental health and are committed to sustainable choices.

  • Empowerment

    MUNA+ is meant to be a place to try new things and acquire new skills. It’s a safe place to take risks, grow personally and collectively, and expand your horizons. We love to share skills and empower others.

  • Respect and

    We have no tolerance for discrimination of any kind and adhere to the Declaration of Human Rights. We treat each other with respect and open-mindedness. Everyone who shares this attitude is warmly welcome at MUNA+!

Vanessa Seipp

Co-Founder and Co-Chairwoman

Vanessa is Co-Founder of MUNA+ and Co-Chairwoman of the association. In addition to general board duties, she is also responsible for managing the finance department and coordinating the advisory board. Professionally, she is currently working in the area of sustainability in the supply chain at Siemens Healthineers after kicking off her career in consulting.

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Tobias Ergenzinger Vorstandsbild

Tobias Ergenzinger

Co-Founder and Head of Events

Tobias is Co-Founder of MUNA+ and holds responsibility for organizing events and expanding the network. He currently works in consulting at Camelot Management Consultants.

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Carrie Weiss

Member of the Board of Management

Carrie has been a member of MUNA+ since 2019 and a board member of the association since July 2023. In addition to being a board member, she is part of the event planning team. Professionally, Carrie works in tax consulting at Ebner Stolz in Hamburg, after successfully completing her Bachelor of Science in Finance Management at ISM in Hamburg.

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Former Board members

  • Johanna Echterhoff

    Co-Founder and member of the Management Board 2019 – 2023

    “What I love most about MUNA+ is the bridge that the association is building and the team spirit. The positive energy and confidence that arises in the community when it comes to creating positive change in the world is irreplaceable and very inspiring.”

    Johanna is a Co-Founder of MUNA+ and was for the longest time Co-Chairwoman of the association. She holds a Master in Management/Finance from the Graduate School of Management in Leipzig. Professionally, she works as a strategic assistant to the CFO at Elmos Semiconductor SE. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and singing in a choir. She has been primarily concerned with Goals #5 “Gender Equality” and #10 “Reduce Inequalities.” SDGs #16 “Peace, justice and strong institutions” and #17 “Partnerships for the goals” are also close to her heart.

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  • Katharine Hausfelder Vorstandsseite

    Katharina Hausfelder

    Co-Founder and member of the Management Board 2019 – 2022

    “For me, MUNA+ is a place where I can connect with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds in an informal environment. We exchange ideas about how we can make this world a place where everyone can realize their individual potential and live a life in dignity. In the process, we learn from and inspire each other.”

    Katharina is a Co-Founder of MUNA+ and has been responsible for the community within the association.
    She holds a Master in Business Engineering from Steinbeis School of Management and Technology and currently works in HR Policies & Social Sustainability at Deutsche Post DHL Group.
    In her free time, Katharina enjoys reading, reflecting and challenging her views, and loves to travel around the world to immerse herself in foreign cultures. SDGs #4 “Quality education”, #9 “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”, #10 “Reduce inequalities” and #17 “Peace, justice and strong institutions” are particularly close to her heart.

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  • Matteo Bertani Portrait

    Matteo Bertani

    Member of the Management Board 2021 – 2022

    “MUNA+ offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people on various sustainability topics, to broaden one’s view of current events in the world, and to jointly develop ideas and solutions for a sustainable future.”



    Matteo joined MUNA+ at an early stage and held a position on the board from summer 2021 on. Until his resignation from the board he was responsible for the social media management.
    Matteo holds a Master’s degree in Marketing, Sales and CRM from the International School of Management and is currently working in Financial Services Consulting at pwc.
    In his free time, Matteo likes to expand his knowledge of new languages, food and politics, and enjoys sports. For him, SDG #17 “Partnerships to achieve the goals” is the overarching one that supports the growth of all the other goals, as it promotes collaboration between private and public actors, from individuals to companies to institutions in every country.

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Become part of the community

As part of MUNA+, you have the flexibility to decide what you would like to work on, what roles you would like to try out, and how much time you can and want to devote to it. Since we are all studying or working ourselves and MUNA+ has accompanied us through several phases of life, we understand the challenges of volunteering only too well. We guarantee that we will always find a solution. In addition, we can officially confirm your commitment to us.