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Internal and external Network

In line with SDG 17, “Partnerships for the Goals”, a key goal of MUNA+ is to connect people to learn from each other and achieve great things together. We form an international network consisting of like-minded individuals who are interested in the topic of sustainability in all its dimensions and who want to exchange ideas about solutions and generate an impact on a small or large scale. In doing so, we consciously try to break down boundaries and also look beyond our personal horizons and learn from each other. MUNA+ was founded by alumni of a National Model United Nations, but has long since grown beyond that and welcomes people of any age, nationality or professional background. We believe that our members benefit from our internal and external network because they can constantly expand their horizons, knowledge and contacts.

Internal Network

Our members come from all over the world and currently especially from all major German cities, from Hamburg to Munich. All of them bring different strengths and interests. What they all have in common is a great interest in sharing their knowledge with others and growing together with the association. Our members benefit from a broad pool of people for their personal and professional development.

External Network

Behind every political party, every company and every organization there are people who do great things. In order to be able to carry out the activities of MUNA+ (events, projects, knowledge and network) with the highest quality and competence, we work together with various guest speakers, supporters, partners and friends. Of course, our members also benefit from this network and can meet inspiring personalities in this way.

Partners and Friendships

  • Vereinsliebe Logo

    Vereinsliebe Program of Volksbank Mittelhessen, Germany

    As a registered, non-profit association and customer of Volksbank Mittelhessen, we are allowed to participate in the Vereinsliebe bonus program of Volksbank Mittelhessen. This offers many advantages for us, including access to valuable training and lectures.

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  • Partner NDF

    New Destiny Foundation, Honduras


    As a non-profit, Christian foundation, New Destiny works to provide quality, safe, and inclusive education to children in Honduras. The connection to MUNA+ is through Adrian Bravo, who participated in the 2019 National Model United Nations with the MUNA+ founding team.

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  • PBT Logo

    Peace Building Team, Democratic Republic Of Congo

    The contact to the Peacebuilding Team was established at the One Young World Summit, another international conference, where a member of MUNA+ was present. In the meantime a friendship between the two organizations has developed and MUNA+ tries to support the PBT with small donations in kind.

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  • JE CoMM Milan, Italy


    JE CoMM Milan is a non-profit organization founded and run by students throughout Italy. The association offers marketing and communication consulting for companies and never loses sight of sustainability. In spring 2021, Johanna, Matteo and Carrie were guest speakers for MUNA+ at a conference organized by JECoMM in Milan.

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Become part of the MUNA+ Network

MUNA+ is interested in partnerships with universities, other NGOs, especially in an international context, and selected economic and political organizations, as well as in friendships with like-minded organizations and personalities.