Welcome to our Network section!

A central goal of MUNA+ is to connect people to learn from each other in order to achieve great things together. We are convinced that our members benefit from our internal and external network by constantly broadening their horizons, knowledge and contacts.We are convinced that our members benefit from the constant exchange because they can constantly expand their horizons, knowledge and contacts.

Internal Network:

Our members come from all major German cities; from Hamburg to Munich. All bring different strengths and interests to the table. They all have in common a great interest in sharing their knowledge with others and growing together with the association. Our members benefit from a broad pool of people for personal and professional development.

External Network

Behind every political party, company or organization are individuals who accomplish great achievements. In order to carry out the activities of MUNA+ (Events, Knowledge, Network and Projects) with the highest quality and expertise, we are proud to work with various partners. Obviously, our members also benefit from this network and can meet interesting personalities in this way.