MUNA+ Advent Calendar

Stock up on your sustainability knowledge – in December or all year round.

Sustainable pre-Christmas Season

In 2021, we at MUNA+ have come up with something very special for the pre-Christmas season. Our member Marjan Azarani has put together an advent calendar full of knowledge and provocative insights and questions around sustainability aspects, thus ensuring a sustainable ‘aha’ moment every day when opening a new door. We have summarized the individual doors once again here. The tips are not only inspiring during Advent.

  • Period: 2 months, November – December 2021
  • Participants: 2 MUNA+ members
  • Result: 24 information texts on sustainability aspects as an advent calendar originally published on social media

1st door

Preparing for the New Year may require a renovation of lifestyle and environment to create some space in our lives and surroundings, both mentally and physically. For today, we will demonstrate the importance of rethinking whatever is no longer needed in your environment, what we call “waste”.

What is waste?

Let’s first take a look at the definition of waste. Waste is anything that is not useful or desirable, but is not defined as damaged or spoiled. Anything that is no longer useful in our environment or in our lives can be considered waste. Based on these definitions, the trade of reusable waste started a long time ago, first on a local level and then digitized and location-independent through internet platforms and apps.

Waste in itself is not a threat to our environment. However, the increasing amount of waste does show negative effects. A well-known example is waste leachate. Leachate is the liquid created when waste decomposes in landfills and water seeps through the waste. This liquid is highly toxic and can pollute the land, groundwater and waterways.

Food for thought

Have you ever thought about what happens to the things you buy? How this waste can be absorbed into the environment, reused and recycled?

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Here are gradually uploaded the other doors…
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