How To Fight Food Overproduction & Derive Approaches For Responsible Consumption


On November 24, 2020, more than 50 participants joined the first online event of the MUNA+ SDGs Event Series to learn about and discuss Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #12 “Sustainable Consumption and Production”. Our guest speakers Nico Hauser, regional manager at foodsharing e.V., and Nicole Klaski, founder and CEO of THE GOOD FOOD, gave interesting insights into the various causes of food waste and how each of us can take countermeasures so that good food does not end up in the garbage can.

Focus Topics of the Event

  • foodsharing e.V.

    Nico Hauser works as a regional manager for the non-profit organization foodsharing e.V. in Frankfurt am Main and is involved here as an ambassador, as well as being very active himself. In an interesting lecture, he gave us an understanding of the concept of foodsharing and highlighted different ways to have to throw away less food.


    Nicole Klaski gave us a great presentation on the concept of her sustainable supermarket THE GOOD FOOD. Here food is sold, which would have been sorted out under conventional circumstances or processed into animal feed. In the link you can find an interesting TV report, which presents her concept in more detail.

Nicole Klaski



Nico Hauser

Regional Manager
foodsharing e.V.



These four impulses can be taken away from the event.

  • Perfection is subjective

    Don’t expect your food to look perfect – we all have our little flaws, and that’s okay!

  • Use your senses

    Don’t judge food by its best-before date – use your eyes, your nose and your taste.

  • Homegrown

    Grow carrots, plant an apple tree, etc. and learn to appreciate how much hard work it is!

  • Be a role model

    Become a role model for all the potential food savers out there!