Our cookbook project

MUNA+ e.V. is currently working on a new book project. In this project, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are presented with the help of recipes and a reference to food. The book is divided into 17 SDGs / stories / recipes and each page is structured as follows:

  • First, the SDG is briefly described and presented
  • This is followed by a link between the respective SDG and food – this requires a little more creativity for some SDGs than for others
  • For some SDGs, an inspiring organization, initiative or person in relation to food is presented
  • This is followed by a suggested recipe, which can either be linked to the featured organization, initiative or person or to the SDG

The book release is planned for 2025.

Get to know the author.

The main author of the book is Jean Bauer, independent ESG consultant at Jean Bauer Consulting. In addition, several members of MUNA+ are involved in creating the content.

If you would like to participate in the cook book, please reach out to us: